Kathleen Riordan LSCSW 
Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Professional Credentials
  • Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW)
  • Clinical Member, National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Accredited Clinical Social Worker Credential (ACSW)

Post-Graduate Education
  • MSW University of Kansas
  • Postgraduate Training Program in Family Therapy, Menninger Kansas City
  • Postgraduate Program in Psychotherapy & Family Therapy, Georgetown Family Center, Washington D.C.

Professional Experience
  • Twenty Years of General Clinical Practice
  • Research re: Families with Juvenile Offenders
  • Research re: Second Generation Leaders of Family Owned Businesses
  • Co-Founder & Faculty Emeritus, KC Center for Family Systems
  • Marriage Preparation with Engaged Couples

Theory Guided Practice
My clinical practice is guided by Bowen family systems theory. Family systems theory sees the family as an emotional unit with individual family members emotionally interdependent and part of a broader relationship system. The years of developing and relating in a unique family context go toward shaping how individuals ultimately come to function and relate with important others. 

Bowen Family Chart
My Clinical Practice
We humans often struggle with stressful and challenging situations in our personal and professional relationships. These problems can be accompanied with feelings of stress and anxiety that effect our overall functioning. The focus of clinical work is to clearly define the problem and identify more optimal ways of relating with important others.    
Kathy Riordan
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